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 Game of the Year Awards

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PostSubject: Game of the Year Awards   Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:22 am

ok here i go i know this is probably pointless since this clan barely plays anything but RFG but i do sepend alot of time on other games and i recoomend you buy any game i mention on here

Story Game of the Year-Heavy Rain-I recommend anyone interested in story, gaming or if your interested in reality whatsoever this is a must play game and its likely there won't be any game like this again the game draws you in from the start and it will almost overwhelme you with emotion but whatever emotion your create is created by you. You direct the game here is footage of one of the many questions this game will ask for you the main question is "what are you willing to do to save someone you lovE" main moto of the game

Play This game for a ride and trust me there is no ride like Heavy Rain

Character of the Year-John Marshton(Red Dead Redemption)-Ok spoiler alert he dies at the end of the game and that is horrible cos the guy rocked in the game you get really attached and like most games your supporting the protagonist this man took out big bounts so they the goverment can let them go he finnaly gets his wish the last 2-4 hours of the game is magnificent and it jsut leads to one big finale that is almost unbareable to watch. One of the greatest gaming characters ever created and i hope Rockstar do Prequels of RDR rather than sequels as i want to be untied with this character but its unlikely.

Gameplay of the Year and Open world Game Of the Year-Red Dead Redemption- Its the closest to the upmost perfect gameplay of RFG you can adjust aiming settings from casual(automatic headshots) normal(auto aims to body but you have to manuevure to where you shoot) expert(do it all by yourself)<<my choice it takes me to a whole new level of gameplay but your probably asking why the hell are we not multiplayer based here if i say the gameplay is this skilled.. well the fact is most players use casual settings its completley killed the multiplayer fucking COD nooby cunts grr. but the single player alone this is the first game ever to have a very good cowboy outback feeling most cowboy time games have ALL failed before this.

FPS of the year-now onto a game genre filled with noobness similair games but one stands out from them all and that is BioShock 2-by a clear mile this game has won the award becauce it is not another freckign war game telling us how bad the asians are in fact i can probably tell you how BioShock won this award simply by telling you how awful other game sin this category were but that would be unfair. Bioshock wins becauce of its funny clever yet creepy charm and the use of weapons is great and the A.I are very challenging espicailly the big daddys oh my you do not fuck with them haha im struggling to write stuff about it. It was a 8/10 from me but better than most crappy FPS

3rd person shooter of the year- mafia II- sure you all thought red dead for sure ive given it all other awards but i sorta never saw red dead as a 3rd person i saw it could probably work jus as well in 1st person ect. But MAFIAII you needed that 3rd person to get that awesome feel. The storyline is top notch by far the best american gangster type game out there today the gameplay is fast paced and man it takes some skill at first i thought the controls were fucked up for this game but it turns out you actually need to be pretty precise when playing the game. I played alot of 3rd person shooters last year but this was the best just edging out in front of just cause 2 and batman:arkham Asylum

Most suprisingly good game of the year

ok i'll finish the list later guys
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Game of the Year Awards
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