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 H@RDIES: future

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PostSubject: H@RDIES: future   Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:17 pm


5 years ago, when I was 13. It was all I cared about, the only think I thought about and the only thing I was good at.

I was a leader like no other. People joined the clan, they just instantly loved me, Or they would love to hate me.

"Grow up kid" "You are never going too make it" "You are nothing" "you should just kill yourself" "Why take everything so serious"

I was 13..I was capable of dreams and I had very unique way of expressing those dreams and that is why this clan had potential.

I was living a nightmare, I hated humans and the clan was my only form of escape from reality, it was the only place where my personality and mind was accepted, even more than accepted... I was worshiped like a god. This 13 year old kid with the mind of the wisest of old men, the most unique philosophy on life, mikalhardie offered everyone this psychological journey that took place within a game.

Iv'e come too realize the game was nothing more than just a setting for this clan, it was where things took place.

I'm 18 now. My life's not a nightmare. I have truly proved everyone wrong. I sat my ass down on this chair 5 years...haven't moved a single inch...and I still have a better life than the average human.. My capabilities far succeed any human of my age.

However the more normal I become, the more crazy I actually feel, I am no longer living a nightmare, therefore H@RDIES are no longer in my dreams. I more or less live and breath H@RDIES..maybe.

Maybe Ive grown up and everything seems silly now but I can't ever let go,

Maybe I have taken this clan as far as it can go. Maybe I am completely lost in the world of H@RDIES, maybe im not even a H@RDIE anymore.

Let's be honest.. H@RDIES seems like a past tense word, It was something achieved and not something we are achieving.

..I will change that

Also guys...today marks 331 on the calender.

there is a future for this clan, there is. Don't give up, I only ask this because I simply cant give up and I don't want to be alone
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H@RDIES: future
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