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 Good - Bad

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PostSubject: Good - Bad   Sun Sep 09, 2012 6:19 pm

Which of the following sentences sounds wrong and you would tell me not too ever do.

mikalhardie is stalking a man and he is planning to knife him too death just for the sake of fun.
mikalhardie is falling in love and is planning to spend the rest of his life with her for the sake of doing something morally good.

It's because it's ME. I make you question what is right and wrong, what is good or bad.

You want too know why the love sentence sounds wrong and out of place. It's because you all believe that is not the person you know me as. The whole "No matter what you do in life, just be yourself." Does that sentence apply to people like me, paedophiles, mass murders and con artists.

They never really explained that quote very well. My version would be "yeah sure just be yourself unless your an asshole." There problem solved but instead we are in a society with so many grey areas. As a whole we all think some things are right and some things are wrong and we all agree on it. Is doing something that I as an individual think is right...wrong?

Or in reverse is doing something WE as a group thing is wrong...right?

Is there really a right or wrong too anything. Right and wrong is what keeps us civilized. It's the law, but the very thought of mikalhardie (motha fucking KA-POW) becoming a bit emotional sensitive so....wrong then what is right...murdering someone for fun.

You see these two sentences are both wrong and both right in there own way. Any road you take in life can feel right or wrong but in truth there is no right way of living or doing things. You can break the rules so long as it's not societies rules. Society doesn't care if you break your own personal boundaries and that is torture for someone like me.

They force us to do what THEY think is right even though they provide no proof of how it is right or wrong we just have to go with it.

I might want us too live like emotionless robots. That's what I think is right and too some other people it seems wrong, but you see. They only think it's wrong because we were there emotional feelings. The only right way to do things is to do things in a way that we don't feel any right or wrong.

Right or wrong brings up choices in life and these choices are both wrong. Society stops us taking both these steps. I could easily fall in love AND kill a man but they will stop me, They will say I was WRONG. I would of hurt there feelings.

Feelings...Do society feel for us. No and they never will but so long as we go with there routine and pretend too care for society. Then we will be fine.

I might want emotionless robots but it's better than being brain-washed slaves. We are robots WITH emotions, that is what they turn us in to and that is torture but it allows us too make mistakes so these people can bask in our failure and collect the rewards.

You don't have too do anything right or wrong. How about you do nothing...Then you question yourself whether nothing is right or wrong or good or bad.

Do the right thing. Don't obey them. You are in control of what is right and wrong, what is good or bad. Not them.
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Good - Bad
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