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 Uncharted 3 tips and tricks

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PostSubject: Uncharted 3 tips and tricks   Fri Apr 20, 2012 7:26 pm

The idea is we all add to this and every trick or tip will be numbered and every time someone adds a tip or trick I will add to my front post.

1. if someone is hanging onto a object, Press your sprint button R3 towards them and then melee them. You will take them down 90% of the time. Always remember to sprint and you will be pretty much impossible for them to get you.

2. If YOU are hanging onto a object and someone is using the trick used above Press O to move down to the lower ledge or ground just before the opposition press the melee button. Once they are standing still after the melee, jump up and then melee them and you should be able to get them if in range. It is better to be on the side of not hanging on the object but you may just get away with it using this trick.

3. If someone is standing and there is a very tall object/wall right behind them, throw a grenade to the highest point of the wall/object and the grenade will bounce of the wall and gradually making its way down right on the target and he will not have anytime to throw it away. This is particularly useful on yemen if they are camping on the towers.

4. Like the grenade trick in number 3 there is another handy grenade trick, in fact there is a lot. If there is a ceiling above the opposition try and hit the ceiling directly above the opposition the grenade Will then drop on them with limited time for them to throw it back. This is mainly used in Facility and london underground.

5. If you and an opposition are both standing engaging in close combat scenario's Press O to roll and the melee should not do any damage too you. This is a difficult skill to perfect as it takes very good timing but you will win all melee scenario's this way if we can achieve it. Roll then hit.

6. Lower your sensitivity and enable shoulder swap. To lower sensitivity do this go into options > camera and the option will be there to lower it. This will make your aim far more steady. To enable shoulder swap go into options > Gameplay and then select enable on shoulder swap. This means whenever you press L3 whilst aiming you camera perspective will swap shoulder this is useful when going around corners.

Have a lot more but too tired to continue but please guys add too this xD
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PostSubject: Re: Uncharted 3 tips and tricks   Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:20 am

Another Grenade thing to do is to roll drop grenade this should only be done when they are very near and you can stall them enough for grenade to go off. If they pick it up just make sure your ready to shoot and melee with handgun or just shoot them quick.

When someone is shooting from behind cover you should run up quick and get into cover then quickly melee to kill them from directly opposite side of them. In short if your the other side of them run up to them and melee from cover.Make sure no one is around otherwise you just cancelled your kill. This is most effective when they are shooting but you can catch some by surprise but not experienced players use this wisely.
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Uncharted 3 tips and tricks
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