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 Player Review

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PostSubject: Player Review   Tue Dec 27, 2011 6:57 pm

We've done this a few times and I tend to find people only care about what people say about them but never expect to give a review back. So this is like attempt no4 of this topic.

Long range 8/10
Medium range 8/10
Short Range 6/10
Best Weapon(s) Assault Rifle
Reaction Speed 7/10
Tactics 8/10
Movement 9/10
Smartness 8/10
Loyalty 10/10
Consistency 5/10
Determination 10/10
communication 4/10 (No mic lol)
Potential 10/10

What I think.
Hades is a player I don't really need to tell him what I think after a certain match or event. If he's playing well then he is happy with his performances and if he's not playing well he tries his best to play better and that's really all I could ask. He's your perfect example of a warrior. Doesn't necessarily want the attention, Doesn't want to be Red Faction Guerrilla's greatest player he only wants to be a lot better than his enemies. Not to say he only thinks about himself when thinking of enemies he knows himself the best way to take down his enemy is by taking down him and his clan. He's an observer of the game and that's why he gets the potential rating of 10. Many player's play us and assume we cheat and that no one is better than them unless they cheat. Hades is smart enough to know there is a way to play better and he WANTS to learn how too play to his full potential. At the moment he is a very un-predictable player you never know when he's going to play badly or great. Sometimes he can take out full team of reds on his own but then the next minute he is getting absolutely moofed. When a clan battle starts and he's on my team he is a big risk to take. Luckily he tends to thrive on big games.

Your a great player but still have a lot to learn. Before a game begins you need to take a deep breath and think. your a very intelligent player at times and sometimes im screaming at you saying "WHY THE FUCK YOU DO THAT HADES" LOL. Like I told you, you need to play like Rambo and sometimes you absolutely do that but other times your running into 4vs1 situations. Take a step back and think for 2 seconds. You have the ability to predict another player's movement across the map that very very few players have and its a special talent that you possess. Your consistency is a 5. You can at your best play very close to the level of me,sulphury and naxonax and that's why you have high potential. The only thing separating you from being a masterclass of a player is playing good ALL the time. You don't have the presence that lets say I have. If I'm on your team everyone says there's KA-POW he is going to play good as he always does lol With you, you make people know your a weak link if your not on top at your best.
Just keep doing what your doing
"ALWAYS play to your strengths and not your weaknesses" is the best line I can give you here.

Keep it up bro Wink

So thats my first player review its upto hades if he wants to do one on me lol so guys get reviwing your clan members if you want people to have the decency to review you back Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Player Review   Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:43 pm

MH-_-KA-POW,a player who does not leave the battlefield without victory, MH is in my opinion a genius of war, with excellent accuracy and intelligence he is the toughest player yet. You are an unstoppable force nearly every game you play. I guess the times you don't do so well is because of lag. And sometimes even lag doesn't stop you from achieving a great number of kills. Your enemies deny your incredible skill, but in the end you destroy them all and prove that no matter who it is or what they say you manage to surpass them and coming out victorious. I would say to try and not put anger into play just cause it affects your skill. At times you also get a little to confident and forget to be more strategic, or maybe that's just me lol...although I think that happens to us all sometimes. What amazes me the most is your awareness of the field. It seems like no one is able to sneak up on you, the perfect example of the hunter becomes the hunted. A fearsome gamer who fears no one but everyone fears you. Not much of a review but come on how can anyone critic or argue about you,it's simple you are #1 and will always be.Just keep it up bro and try to maintain your awesome self,that's what makes you the best.
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Player Review
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