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 On The 19th Of January.

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PostSubject: On The 19th Of January.   Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:30 pm

We will officially be moving game on the 19/1/2012.

We are moving to Uncharted 3. We will lose players that is true. Most likely big players like sulphury & and in fact the entire clan is don't know.

H@RDIES Is a story following me. I am moving to uncharted 3. I am not forcing any of you to follow me onto my next chapter. You all know I am capable and will rebuild the strongest clan on uncharted 3. I will conquer yet another game develop my eccentricity and skills even more.

You might ask why leave RFG MH. I'm done with it. the past year my skills have faded due to me having nothing too look up to. Its like I feel so lazy and bored. When H@RDIES first started I knew I had to give 110% every game to even stand a chance of winning a match. That feeling of winning a match that felt impossible to win. To have no pressure resting on your shoulders.

I may miss all of you, but this is something I have to do, I must keep moving forward at an unstoppable pace. If you can't keep up then Im afraid I can not ever let you hold me back. H@RDIES are the champions of Red Faction Guerrilla and we will prove that on the 19th whether a clan turns up or not. I might not ever find players with your personalities and skills ever again

...This isn't a good byee message. You are all free to follow me. Its all I ever asked in return is that you follow me suit. I guess this will really show who is loyal and prepared to do whatever it takes in the name of H@RDIE.

You wouldn't think any clan could take something as simple as changing game into something so emotional, complicated and dramatic but is H@RDIES. We bring life into the gaming world. I truly understand that this is our goal. People think were running away from a life but in true fact we are bringing life and changing this empty shallow virtual world and changing it into something beautiful. H@RDIES don't just say yes were moving game. No one guy has to pretend to have cancer or some shit we are drama! We are the craziest mother fucker in gaming history and we will be fucking heard.

Its just a game? Yeah its our god damn game that's why its so important. H@RDIES have emotional barriers and walls sperating us from the outside. Nobody knows what it feels to be a H@RDIE until you are a H@RDIE. This clan thrives on our mystery and our non-existent goals that I throw up whenever the hell I feel like it. From germany to america we are the greatest clan on the planet. We have our own religions and beliefs.

We are the last of our kind in this planet. We all might be personally different but being a H@RDIE separates everything from everything else. I am moving to uncharted 3 and I am bringing an army of myths. They know were coming but there is nothing they can do to prepare themselves, They can not stop us, They can not end us. We are all H@RDIE. Not men, not machines we are all the glorious champions that is a H@RDIE

...Will you follow?
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PostSubject: Re: On The 19th Of January.   Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:29 pm

Fuck yeah, lets move on......
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On The 19th Of January.
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