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 Playstation 3 vs Xbox360

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PostSubject: Playstation 3 vs Xbox360   Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:16 pm

An argument which no matter where you go it will come accross you.

I am not a Playstation 3 or sony fan boy. A fan boy is anyone who defends or supports the product only on the basis because he purchased it and doesn't want to look bad knowing he purchased the 2nd best product. They tend to have very little knowledge of the system itself.

I own a PS3 and do not own an xbox360. All my or most of my real life friends own the xbox. for the past 2 years They give me hell for buying a PS3 and to an extent I had to agree with them at the time xbox360 had a great head start and PS3 simply did not have anything to show off from the day release. The high pricing and the low ammount of exclusives at the time caused the xbox to soar ahead. But since then credit to sony from making the PS3 better day by day.

PS3 really can do everything and If I had the choice of what console to but RIGHT NOW it would be the Playstation 3 by far. The playstation 3's ammount of exclusives compared to the xbox360 is staggering. Although I do hate missing out on xbox's halo and gears of war and the fable franchises.

Sometimes I didn't even notice that a certain game or franchise is an actual PS3 exclusive as there is so many. Infamous franchise is one of the best superhero/villain games around, God of war franchise, Metal Gear Solid, Little big planet, resistance and of course the uncharted series and there's many more.

This is an argument of which would be a better purchase right now and for me the PS3 offers more games and elements. The PS3 does miss out on a few things the xbox has and always will but I think when the battle turns to PS4 vs xbox720(or whatever) I think PS3 will be crowned winners just like the PS3 did.

So what is your opinion?
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Playstation 3 vs Xbox360
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